The Game

In a scattered world the two main continents Sao and Virvenia are forced to battle against eachother over the energy shrines that is still active dispite the breaking world. Without the energy the continents will not be able to withstand the constant sundering of the world, but there is only energy left to save one of the continents.

The goal of the game differ depending on which mode you choose to play on ( choose between Domination, Team Deathmatch and Annihilation) but is essentially to defeat the opposing team.

Before starting a game you choose which side you want to fight for and then what type of Guardian you want to be. Currently you choose between the Judicator - a close combat warrior, or the Reaver - a ranged spellcaster.

There is NO targeting system in this game meaning everything you do is purely based on your ability to properly aim and time your attacks.

During the course of the game you gain experience by killing, asssting for kills and controlling shrines and you will ultimately level up. This allows you to level any one of the avaliable skills to increase its effectivity.